How to Buy a Passport Quickly and Easily

If you want to obtain a second passport – even a diplomatic passport – there a ways to do so legally through a process known as ‘Citizenship by Investment’.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 4, 2020 / — 

Malcolm Simmons is an English lawyer who has represented dozens of clients including entrepreneurs, celebrities and high-net-worth individuals who are seeking to obtain citizenship of another country while retaining their current citizenship.

“It is very easy to legally obtain citizenship of certain countries. It is also possible to obtain a diplomatic passport. However, this all comes at a cost” says Malcolm Simmons. 

He has acted for many high-net-worth clients who have obtained citizenship of a country by investment. This is done primarily for tax advantages although there are other reasons clients may wish to obtain another passport.

The governments of the countries that he works with grant citizenship in return for major contributions to society, culture, the economy, and other interests of the State, thereby creating more favourable conditions for international investors.

“I have very good contacts with senior officials in several countries that offer ‘citizenship by investment’ programmes. This means that I can facilitate the process quickly and with minimum inconvenience to the client” says Simmons. 

Upon instructions being received from a new client, Malcolm Simmons will contact officials of the country in question and discuss his clients requirements. He will then liaise with the client to collate the necessary paperwork and complete the process.

Citizenship-by-Investment programs offer clients the opportunity to legally acquire a new nationality and an alternative passport quickly and easily. “On average, we can obtain citizenship and a passport within two to three months” says Malcolm Simmons. He has also be successful in obtaining diplomatic passports for clients.

Malcolm Simmons is also an expert on diplomatic and consular relations and has advised clients on issues relating to diplomatic immunity and the interpretation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

He has been advising private clients and lawyers on residence and citizenship programs and policy and has a highly successful private client practice.

Malcolm Simmons provides a niche service and will take care of everything so that you can concentrate on your business.

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